The Akron Big Band

Coming Soon!

The Akron Big Band is going to be adding a vocalist this summer!  We are working on some new vocal arrangements right now!

50 Years Strong

Over fifty years ago a group of men including Paul Krans and Don Davis started to play the music they loved as a group. This was the music of their youth, Big Band Swing Music . As word got out the band grew until it became a full seventeen piece big band. It was in the early 1960's that the Akron Big Band out grew Paul's home and moved to our current home, Westminster Presbyterian Church, in west Akron.
It is sad to say that none of the founding members are alive today to see how well the musical "seed" they planted, in 1955, has grown into today. With every performance we keep alive the music that we love and the memories of our friends that are no longer here to help us play it.
The Akron Big Band is an Ohio Non-Profit organization. Our members are paid by your applause and seeing the smiles on your faces.. 50 Plus years of keeping the best music alive!

Band Members

PIANO - Jim Drain
BASS - Don Kaser
DRUMS - Tom Milford
GUITAR - Jim Skidmore
SAX - Matt Jenning, John Crouch, Ron Hennen, Mark Esber, John Lueken, John Hurst
BONES -George Rosin, Jack Kimberly, Roger Ream, Jay Wise
TRPTS - Gene Miller, Jim Fry, John Smith, Jim Miller

Plus other friends who fill in when our regulars can't make it. :-)

Band Officers

BOARD OF DIRECTORS: Jack Kimberly, Ron Hennen, Jim Fry

OFFICERS: President-John Smith, Treasurer-Jack Kimberly, Rehearsal Director-Jim Fry, Librarian-Roger Ream